News : Britney Spears announced she is Pregnant

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Britney Spears, less than five months after her presidency, confused some fans on Monday when she announced on Instagram that she was pregnant and apparently married.

“I lost so much on the way to Maui to get it back,” the pop star wrote on Monday, in part, along with a photo of the flowers and a cup of coffee. “I thought” Sis … what happened to my stomach ??? “My husband said” You’re not very stupid !!! “So I did a pregnancy test … and uhhhhh well … I was born. … ”

Spears – who uses various emoticons liberally – did not call Asghari a “man” and added, “Of course I won’t take dads for the money I got because they don’t have them anymore.”

While others, including Paris Hilton, congratulated the Spears, others were not entirely sure.

The news of the pop star’s pregnancy comes months after the judge ended her 13-year conservatism after the announced legal battle with Spears’ father. This arrangement means that Spears has limited control over his life and the decisions he can make – including his career, finances and health. The singer was placed under his protection in 2008 after suffering mental problems.